Reasons to Invest in Gutter Guards

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Reasons to Invest in Gutter GuardsIn our experience at Pro Gutter Services, most people understand why they need to keep their gutters clean—to prevent clogs—but many people hate actually cleaning them. Gutter cleaning is unpleasant and labor-intensive work, so we understand why you might be reluctant to do it as often as you should. Fortunately, we can offer a way to reduce the need to clean your gutters in the form of our gutter guards. In this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why you should invest in gutter guards for your home.

  • Increased Protection – Gutter guards are mesh panels that fit over the top of your gutters, and they allow water to flow through as usual but keep leaves and other debris out. This, in turn, greatly reduces the risk of your gutters getting clogged, which helps keep your home at a much lower risk of water damage. With gutter guards, water will flow like it’s supposed to instead of pooling on your roof, fascia, siding, or around your foundation, keeping your home in better condition.
  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements – As we mentioned above, installing gutter guards will greatly reduce the need to clean your gutters. Since debris won’t be able to get into the trough, you won’t have to remove it anywhere near as often as you did before.
  • Protection from Mold and Mildew – A third benefit of gutter guards is the way they reduce the risk of mold and mildew growing in your gutters. These microorganisms and others thrive in damp conditions and feed on decaying organic matter, which makes a gutter full of wet leaves a perfect environment for them. By keeping organic debris out of your gutters, our gutter guards will discourage mold, mildew, algae, and similar organisms from growing there.