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Our gutter splash guards will help protect your home from overflowing gutters.

If you’ve ever noticed water splashing over the sides of your gutters, even if your system seems like it is in good condition, you may be wondering what’s causing that to happen. Gutters are designed to channel water away from the roof and deposit it a safe distance away from a building’s foundations, but there are some sections of a gutter system that are susceptible to overflowing in the right conditions. The most common area is called the roof valley, where sections of a roof (and thus the gutters) meet. Because water is coming from multiple directions in those places, it can cause the gutters to overfill and struggle to flush out the runoff water properly.

Gutter Splash Guard in Charlotte, North Carolina

While you can certainly invest in deeper gutters that would be able to handle the large volumes of water better, another option is to install a gutter splash guard at any point where the gutters struggle to accommodate the volume of water they need to. A gutter splash guard is an attachment that sticks up over the side of the gutters to help divert the water back through the gutter line instead of up over the sides. At Pro Gutter Services, our team has the skills and experience to install a gutter splash guard on your gutters to protect your home from pooling or overflowing water. We use only high-quality products, and our team of highly trained technicians can install a gutter splash guard wherever you need one to help prevent water damage to your roof and foundation.

We proudly serve customers located in Charlotte, North Carolina, so if you think your home could benefit from gutter splash guards, don’t hesitate to contact our team.